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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 9, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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hope you had a fantastic weekend. it is april 9th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your morning with us. the president and his campaign going after the female vote by saying the g.o.p. is waging a war against women. now, members of his own party say cut it out? >> great. meanwhile, tim tebow is used to playing in front of thousands of people but not in this position. >> whether you're the hero or whether you like it or not, you know someone has a plan for your life and it's a special plan. >> inside the quarterback's easter sermon! on this easter monday. brian? >> all right. for years, women have married up. looking for more money. looking for more power. now, new information, the roles are reversed. we're going to debate this and go over the numbers. man by man. woman by woman. "fox & friends" starts right now.
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hello, everybody. it is easter monday and we're delighted you would join us. we have a very busy three hours. you look over at the big wall, guest list includes donald trump last night on his program. >> all right. we also have dana perino who will be here in the top of the hour, 8:00 hour and she'll be talking about everything from what's happening in the economy to what's happening with the passing of mike wallace. >> all right, john bolton will join us, former ambassador to the united nations. and olympic gold medalist looking forward to this, michelle kwan and dominique dawes will be at the white house easter egg roll. they'll talk about staying fit while they're rolling their eggs. kourtney kardashian here to round out our show. she has another season and she's pregnant again. we'll be asking her a bunch of questions. >> and her husband likes going to the clubs. >> she's not married. >> her boyfriend. >> they seem like husband and wife. >> they do. >> she likes going out. >> they have one child and another one on the way.
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maybe that's why. >> they only have a billion dollars to spend on these kids. >> i know. >> keeping up with the kardashians. >> that will be at 8:52 eastern time. a fire consuming an abandoned factory in philly. the fire so large it's engulfed two city blocks already. homes in the area being evacuated as the wind spreads embers in that fire. no word on any injuries. crews say part of the factory has actually collapsed at this point. another fox news alert for you right now, man hunt under way for a convicted killer who escaped from a prison labor camp. this is alabama. cops looking for this guy on your screen after he went missing from his assigned bunk. the 42-year-old serving his 12th year of a life sentence. the fight for g.o.p. presidential nomination, we know that fight is not over but some changes may be on the way. candidate newt gingrich appears to be reconciled with the likelihood that mitt romney will actually get the nomination saying this during an interview.
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>> i think you have to be realistic given the size of his organization and number of primaries he's won, he's far and away the most likely republican nominee. >> candidate rick santorum continues to hold on to his quest to stay in the race. he'll return to the campaign trail later this week after taking a break over easter to spend time with his daughter bela who is in the hospital again. and take a look at this. it's romney like you've never seen him before. he's relaxing with his son at the beach house. which one is mitt? >> right there, in the shorts. >> in the shorts, not the wet suit. >> yeah, you don't need the gel for the surfing. >> they're both in good shape. >> all right. the search lasted 12 days and now a dog who escaped from an animal hospital. i'm so glad. back home with his family in colorado. we all need good news. >> we want to see how this one ends. >> we told you about jack last friday. he broke free from the vet when
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he was there about to get neutered. miniature husky's owners put up flyers everywhere and it worked! two different people called easter morning saying they saw the dog and now jack is back home. whether or not he's going to get neutered remains an open question. >> how noodle -- >> noodle? >> see how nimble jack will be. >> jack be nimble. jack was quick. >> we'll see if he can get quick again. >> he got out of that place indeed. let's talk about this. i saw on drudge, i believe now in catalina island in california, gas is $7 a gallon. >> right. you can't drive there. >> you drive very short. because it is an island. the economy now working for the president as a campaign issue, you know, the stimulus didn't work out so well and he's got a lot of problems. so in the last couple of months, what they have done, the democrats, is they have invented this phony war on women. republicans are against women. there's not really a war on women. there's a women for women because they'd like to have as
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many women vote for their candidates. >> it's working, too, in terms of getting the women vote back, i think it's reversed 10 to 15 points in battleground states so far. is it authentic? is it real? one democrat who happens to be chairman of the congressional black caucus does not think so. listen. >> yes. that is wrong. and i've never said it. not one time. but what we need -- what we need is for you and me and i'm willing to do it. and i don't think you would but when that happens, do what i do. i condemn it. if it's a democrat, if it's my cousin, it's wrong. and i think we need to stop that, it is damaging the body politic and it's further separating the people in this country. >> i got several other issues that we should go back, then, and re-examine because come on, let's face it. in the last three years, congress and people on capitol hill have gotten together on very few things. so it's interesting to hear that a democrat would be so outspoken
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and say, you know, let's call it when we see it on both sides of the fence. is it a war on women? no. women, no. but steve got it right. it is actually the vote for the women. both parties would desperately like to get the female vote. >> to add to that, he went on to say that he thinks it's phony republicans say it's a war on religion. he doesn't believe there's a war on religion. >> what about the war that the president picked with the supreme court of the united states in this past week. a lot of people said oh, that's going to blow up in his face and it really kind of did. so he can't really go on that. what they're refocusing the campaign on and going forward, they're going to pick what traditionally has been something that the republicans have had in their column and that's national security and apparently in the next week or two, they're going to dispatch former secretary of state madeleine albright and wesley clark, the u.s. army general out to counter whatever mitt romney said. >> i think this is actually a good campaign idea. if you're in the obama camp, this is smart. because he actually has had
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victories in national security. he got rid of usama bin laden. he's now going to actually try khali shaikh mohammed again after saying that he's going to shut down guantanamo bay. that was his first executive order. now they're moving forward with that. he got rid of qaddafi. i mean, this is actually a legitimate thing that they should probably focus on because they actually have had success. >> you're right. bullet points. if you look underneath the curtain, we rushed out of iraq to point we lost all of our leverage and left the door open for iran to walk in. guess what, they have. all those people that have helped us out the last eight years in iraq have been left for the slaughter inside iraq because without us there to protect them and out of their loyalty. look at afghanistan, he asked for a surge. great. he gave us 9,000 less troops and pulled us out six months early and talked about an end date that's killed countless people. he promised peace in the last 18 months in israel, where's that gone? >> the israeli issue is important with the voters.
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if you look at polls at how people feel about iraq and afghanistan, he may have them on his side. >> mitt romney is the nominee and can't capitalize, he doesn't deserve the presidency. >> gretch touched on the key element right there, last thing is people care most about the economy. but the president can't talk about the economy. because the economy isn't working out well. can't really talk about what he's doing to fix gas prices. and that's kind of the conundrum there in the campaign has been trying to figure out in the last year or so, what should our new campaign slogan be. remember back in 2008 it was hope and change. for obvious reasons, that's not going to work. they came up with winning the future. they used that for a little while until they realized you take the first letters and that's wtf and ask anybody with a texting machine, they'll start giggling. >> we can't wait? i don't know if that's a good one. put that down at number five. >> i got number one.
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>> what were you asking last week about abbreviation that the kids have gotten into with the text? it wasn't -- >> wtg. >> way to go. figured it out. >> all the ancient people on this couch had no idea. >> i would have stopped at what the. what's the g doing there. we'll find out. >> put up that other list again. we didn't get to some of those other good ones. america built to last. economy built to last. can't use that one, i don't think. >> chevy is using that. >> a fair shot. anyway, what should it be? remember, last time around hope and change probably the best campaign slogan ever? probably. >> maybe. governor perry will get some residuals, if they want to use the term oops, they could use that. >> i will take you to task for hope and change, best ever. you liked the one from eisenhower. i like ike. it rhymes. >> very good. >> i like ike. doesn't make any sense. >> that was a very memorable
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one. >> what rhymes with obama? >> ike doesn't. >> too early in the morning to come up with that. >> tim tebow may be the backup quarterback for the new york jets but he was in the starting line-up so to speak yesterday when it came to going down to a certain city in texas, georgetown, texas and give a shoutout to god and to jesus and to even jeremy lin. >> he apparently called up mr. champion, the minister at this church in austin and said hey, i'd like to come on easter and participate in the sermon. >> my mom told me i couldn't wore jeans to church. he gave the sermon in jeans. who is right? >> church has gone casual in many places recently. let's listen. >> 15,000 people showed up to hear tim tebow talk about faith. and football. >> whether you're the hero or the goat, whether you like it or not, you know that someone has a plan for your life and it's a special plan and when you can trust that, and you have hope in
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that, then you have peace in all decisions in everything that you do and it brings a lot of joy to your life. without that, you would wonder why, is it going to be better off? what's going to happen? some days, i don't think i was the first one to get down on my knee and pray and it's funny because i've had the same routine the last seven years and just this year, they started calling it tebowing which i have no idea why because i've been doing the same thing for the last seven years. this year, it seemed to get popular. but i think it's pretty cool. at least prayer is being talked about. >> i remember one of the first games we were playing the lions and i'd get sacked and the guy gets on a knee and tebowing on top of me and i'm thinking that's really supposed to be mocking me but it's actually flattering because you're praying, like that's a good thing. i don't know if that's a touchdown or i'm not sure how to take it. are you praying for me while you're on top of me or what? you know, i've had a good time with it and at least it's something that's being talked about.
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very thankful for that. >> his sermon was actually kind of like a talk show format where joe champion the pastor asked him some questions and in fact, the pastor is going to be with us. one important story that he did there 8:20 eastern time, one story he did tell tim tebow is when he was a boy, he had a sleepless night, he was tossing and turning and he was positive he was headed down the road to hell. and at that point, he decided he was going to turn his life around and he did. >> we all need some of those. >> we all need some of those nights. ok, he became a champion stair climber by going 62 stories in seven minutes. it turns out he took the elevator? how he got busted coming up. >> plus the unemployment rate in this small town is less than 1%. what are they doing right? stuart varney always does things right and answers that question and more and talks about his weekend in depth for the first time. wake up!
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>> 16 minutes after the top of the hour. you've heard this phrase before. "drill, baby, drill." oil is fuelling a boom in jobs in north dakota where drilling has cut unemployment to less than 1% in some counties. the question this morning is why does the president continue to push policies against drilling? >> mr. answerman stuart varney is joining us live right now. why isn't the president looking to north dakota to make that the example? why can't every state be more like north dakota if unemployment is so low? >> look, the president has got a war on oil. he wants to tax the oil companies. he doesn't like drilling. doesn't like fossil fuels. the environmentalists are part of his core base. he does not like oil and he doesn't like drilling.
3:17 am
and it creates this contrast. you've got north dakota here, a boom state with a billion dollar surplus in its state budget, cut in property taxes. got a billion dollar state surplus. very low unemployment. they're pulling in workers from all over the country. it's a boom state because they are drilling for oil that's under the ground in north dakota and yet, what have we got at the national level? we've got job creation, that rate cut in half last month. we've got 8% plus unemployment. and we've got a president turn down 20,000 jobs instantly in the pipeline that he will not build. it's a contrast between drilling in north dakota and no drilling in the rest of the country and a declining job situation. >> all has to do with ideology. the interesting thing is it's a trickle down effect as to the benefits to the economy. my mom tells me that car sales in north dakota because she's in neighboring minnesota have
3:18 am
skyrocketed as a result of this. it starts to improve the economy in so many other aspects, right? >> yes, it does. you're putting a great deal of money into the state because you're pulling the money out of the ground and you're selling it. i forget how many hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil they're producing. there's 4.3 billion barrels of oil underneath the ground. you pull in the revenue to the state, that employs people and gives you government revenue. restaurants have more work to do. the stores sell more stuff. car dealers sell more stuff. i know north dakota is a very small state so any kind of improvement looks huge because it's a small state with very few people. but this boom is out of all proportion and stands in such stark contrast to the rest of the country. >> i heard a story, stuart, about how some people who were involved in this oil boom in north dakota would like to move -- they're from various parts of the country. they moved there because of the oil rush. but they'd like to move their
3:19 am
families there but because they're worried the administration might say ok, enough with the fracking, enough with all of that stuff, they're just uncertain about the future. you know, if the president wins a second term. >> yes. >> i have heard that. >> yes. it is out there. the president's position on fracking that is this new method of extracting oil and natural gas from the shale of much of america, the president's position is ambiguous. he's either not quite for it but not quite outwardly against it in an election year. in a second term, we have no clue what he would actually do. >> interesting to see if he would do a campaign stop in north dakota and what he would say about the economy. >> if you think he would go to north dakota on a campaign stop. >> is it a swing state? >> probably not. >> odds are against it, i would say. >> it has been a swing state in the past. anyway, see you later on "varney & company" starting at 9:20. >> three hours from right now.
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>> thanks, everyone. >> coming up on fox news alert, brushfire burning out of control in new jersey. look at that from the chopper and nearby lots of homes are affected. the very latest after the break. those pictures out of tabernacle, new jersey. >> how did these government workers get away with it? spending your cash on homemade rap videos and mind readers? you may soon find out. >> thanks. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] it's our favorite. yours and mine. because we found it. together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. a long walk. a walk with you. a walk i smelled squirrels on, but i stayed by your side because i could tell, could feel, that you had a bad day... and me being bad wouldn't make it any better. but being there was already helping a little anyway. and then we found that wonderful thing. waiting there. waiting for you and me.
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>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you now. a fox news alert. major brushfire sweeping through new jersey. you're looking at live pictures from the town of tabernacle. it started about 4:00 a.m. and continues to spread because of the high winds on the east coast
3:24 am
today. the flame already covering 500 acres and there are a lot of homes nearby. support is about to start. so we'll keep an eye on this for you. also happening this morning, the number two democrat in the senate joining the list of lawmakers investigating the lavish spending of the general services administration, the g.s.a. senator dick durbin plans to holding a hearing on the g.s. a. they blew about $20 million in taxpayer for a conference in 2010. >> this morning, south korea news agencies are reporting that north korea is in the process for preparing for a third nuclear test later this week. this is as tensions rise over iran's own nuclear program. they continue to insist on their right to nuclear power. all this while president obama's re-election team is using former security advisors to highlight the president's national security record but will it win votes? does he have a strong case? let's debate it. david is here, c.e.o. and editor
3:25 am
at large of the foreign policy group and j.d. gordon here, former pentagon spokesman during the bush administration. first, david, to you. does the president have a strong case to make to the public? >> sure. i think he's restored america's standing in the world. i think he's gotten bin laden, he's gotten qaddafi, he's squeezed the world with sanctions plus with drones, covert attacks. you can't go after him in the traditional way as you've gone after democrats. he's been tough and the record for the most part that be extremely good. >> j.d., do you concur with that? >> well, i think that obama has done a good job in some respects with national security taking out usama bin laden. taking out a handful of somali pirates but overall, i think bin laden has weakened the country. i say that because he hasn't been able to meaningful confront iran on its nuclear program. we're looking at a nuclear armed iran within a year or less and he's thrown allies under the bus
3:26 am
and several arab spring countries in places like egypt and yemen and tube -- tunisia that were previously allies. i think he's weakened the country in many ways. look at what he's doing for north korea. practically nothing. it's very disturbing to me. >> and david, we don't know what is next. i mean, there's still a lot of time in the next six months where things could happen, correct, david? >> the nature of foreign policy is you could have things that could cut either way. you could have a problem in iran and problem in the eurozone. wouldn't be good for the president. he could have a breakthrough in diplomacy to the iranians. that could cut very well for the president and be tough for romney. >> you think the allies are pleased with the way this administration has acted, j.d., from great britain to canada with the pipeline even when you look at what's happening in israel? >> well, with the pipeline certainly the canadians are
3:27 am
upset about that. it's difficult to understand because the chinese would be in a position to gain from getting the tar sands from canada. but some of the allies have been pleased. for instance, in libya, france and the u.k. and italy were really the ones who drug the u.s. into bombing libya, we helped get rid of qaddafi. it costs us a billion dollars, more than our european allies and it was something that was in europe's vital interest, not ours. some of our allies have been happy with what we've been doing and others not so happy. >> we'll see what the surrogates say and how this plays out. there's a lot of questions to answer on the mitt romney side if he is indeed the nominee. thank you very much, david for joining us and j.d. gordon, great job. >> thanks, brian. >> straight ahead, iconic journalist mike wallace passing away this weekend but his legacy will live on. what will that legacy be? his friend and colleague with the fascinating perspective and he'll join us next. and this easter bunny looks friendly but the man behind this costume is a cop and he's on a
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mission! what's behind operation hippity hop. but first, happy birthday to jackie, she is 12. she sang here. [ fabric flapping in wind ] ♪ ♪
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>> time for the shot of the morning and that's no ordinary
3:32 am
easter beeny. one lucky police officer in west palm beach, florida got to bring this sign while enforcing the click it or ticket it campaign. they called it one day effort operation hippity-hop. one driver said he saw the bunny but didn't think much of it until the bunny busted him, $116 for a ticket for not wearing his seat belt. come on. if you see a gigantic bunny alongside the road, clearly there's a cop inside. >> can they do that actually? >> why not? >> i don't know. i guess it's like being in an unmarked vehicle. i don't know, a little deceptive to dress up and bust people. i don't think that's the easter spirit. sorry. >> i have to side with gretchen on this. you're hurting the easter bunny's rep. >> trying to make people safe! >> police in oklahoma investigating the recent shootings of five black victims in tulsa as a possible hate
3:33 am
crime. police say two white suspects have been arrested 19-year-old jake england and 32-year-old elvin watts scheduled to be arraigned in court today. they're accused of killing three people and critically injuring two others. authorities say it's too early to tell whether the attacks were racially motive ated but things revenge might have been a factor based on one suspect's recent facebook post. >> navy announcing plans to compensate the victims of friday's military jet crash in virginia beach. that jet crashed into an apartment complex on friday leaving many families homeless for the easter weekend and beyond. payments will start around $2300 for each person who lost a home and could go up for larger families. investigators believe a mechanical problem caused that crash. meanti meantime, we're hearing more from an offduty coast guardsman who jumped into action helping to pull the pilot from the wreck. >> i grabbed him and said, you know, hey, lieutenant, hey, lieutenant. that's when he kind of opened his eyes and the whole shock of hey, what's going on? he really came to and you could
3:34 am
tell he was in shock. >> that gentleman says he acted on instinct. and was just trying to help. amazingly, and it is amazing, nobody died in that crash. >> the deadlines has passed but at&t is holding talks with the communications workers of america avoiding a walkout by 40,000 land line workers. union officials say workers will continue to report to work under the terms of their previous deal. there's still the chance workers will walk out if talks break down. union workers are upset that at&t is seeking pension cuts and higher premiums for their health care. company wants them to pay a little more. >> whitney houston's troubled history was apparently written on her body. final autopsy report revealing a mix of scars, cuts and burns. most of them several years old. she also had a needle mark on one arm and was high on a cocktail of nine drugs the night she died in february. houston was missing 11 teeth. and showed no -- did show signs of heart and liver disease.
3:35 am
i think one report said she had a 60% blockage in one of her arteries. >> oh, boy! >> somehow we have to turn from that news to hopefully a good weather picture. >> let's take a look at the map and see if it is good. well, it's good across much of the land. a little windy in the northeast and the chance for continued rain in new england and around the great lakes and we got a little bit of heavy rain moving through eastern portions of texas into louisiana at this hour. current readings as you head out out on this easter monday in new york city where they had that gigantic parade on fifth avenue yesterday, it's 50 degrees. same for kansas city and 60's for much of florida and today's daytime highs 881 later in dallas but they are expecting a thunderstorm or two around the metroplex. 74 in raleigh-durham and in chicago, illinois, today, the high should be 60 degrees. all right, brian. it was a cliffhanger. down at the masters. >> you must be talking about golf. historic and dramatic day in the
3:36 am
final round of the masters. sitting at 7 under and looking at this. his first double eagle ever on the second hole. this catapulted him from third to first. his luck would eventually run out. we're in sudden death now on the 10th hole. cbs ecstatic. little louie isn't. he misses the putt. he knows it's the beginning of the end. bubba watson within inches of the hole. he usually taps it in after driving out of the woods to become the 2012 masters champion. watson having an emotional moment with his mom before he gets the green jacket and he's the highest ranked american golfer in the world in america, i should say. it's watson's first major win. stair climbing scandal. you're looking now at the tower in los angeles. it's hosting a star climb -- a stair climbing race for charity march 31st. we've learned the winner, miguel larios has been stripped of his title for using the elevator. that's the problem when you want to -- you should be using the stairs and racing. actually works on the 62 story
3:37 am
building says he didn't cheat. he admitted the security footage of him in the elevator is real. not only did he lose his title, he also lost his job. >> the rosie ruiz of that particular sport. >> this will go on for years and sent triz. >> every year, journalist mike wallace entered the homes of millions of americans. this weekend, the legendary journalist passed away at the age of 93. he interviewed everybody from dictators to first ladies and he was never afraid, as you know, to ask the tough questions. >> i think that you would agree that a good many people hated your husband. they even hated me. >> are you the least bit afraid of what might happen to you as a result of making these revelations? >> oh, yes. i probably am i a dead man already. >> he calls you, forgive me, his words not mine, a lunatic.
3:38 am
>> joining us right now to remember former cbs news bureau chief in moscow and the co-author with mike wallace of the book that came out in 2010, "heat and light, advice for the next generation of journalists" good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> since he passed a lot of people have recounted the fact that one of the scariest things a secretary could say to her boss in the 70's and 80's was mike wallace is waiting to see you, sir. >> well, it's absolutely true. mike really invented advocacy journali journalism. he with invented the interview and he made people understand it's ok to ask a tough question and to keep asking it until somebody answered it. >> right down the street. >> exactly. >> who is he like as a person to work with? we know about the legend and the success and the track record but when the cameras were off, what was that like? >> i think earlier on in his career, i hear was a real tiger and could be very, very tough and demanding. by the time we started working together in the late 1990's, he
3:39 am
was kind of a pussycat and he was really wonderful to work with on our book. just very giving and really down to earth. >> the reason you wanted to write the book, he came to speak because you're a professor now. and you thought, wow, we need to put this down on paper. lessons that we can teach younger journalists about what mike wallace created here. >> that's exactly right. i moved to fordham after i left cbs and he came to speak to my students and he said such interesting things that how journalism should be done. i said afterwards, you really ought to write a book or we could write it together and he said that's a great idea. let's write it together. so i went to his house and started asking him the most basic questions in journalism. you know, ok, mike, how do you get ready for an interview? how do you formulate your questions? after you've done an interview, how do you turn that material in for a "60 minutes" report. we tried to write a book that you can hand a college student
3:40 am
or high school student that wants to be a journalist and say look, here's everything you need to know in one book. >> you put a dvd inside, too. >> that was his other books. >> he came by here with that book and it was amazing. >> it was great to meet him and hear some of his stories and he told you a story about vladimir putin. >> i was with him in 2005. he came over to russia to interview vladimir putin when he was president. and it was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of world war ii. it was supposed to be a 20 minute interview focusing on world war ii and those were the ground rules and mike said, yeah, yeah, yeah. then when the interview happened, he didn't ask about world war ii until two hours into the interview. and putin's press secretary was furious! and you could see his hands on the chair. his knuckles getting whiter and whiter and every time there was a change of tape, every
3:41 am
half-hour, they'll change the tape out. the press secretary would go to putin and go, mr. president, i think we need to end this interview. and putin, bless him, sat there for 2 1/2 hours and answered every question that mike asked him and it got pretty tough and putin really fought back and the piece ended up being terrific because mike was tough and putin was tough back. that's the beauty of mike really that you can ask a tough question and it tells you something about that person you're interviewing, how they react. >> roger clemens wanted a tough interview, he called up mike wallace and said come on, we have to convince people that i'm telling the truth. >> that's absolutely right. i mean, getting through an interview with mike was kind of a right of passage. >> what a great way to remember him today and if you want to pick up this book it's called "heat and light" and it's written by dr. beth noble and mike wallace. thanks so much for remembering a great american institution. >> thank you. >> thank you, beth. >> all right, back door deals for yet another big bailout?
3:42 am
what's going on behind the scenes at the white house this morning? we've got details. >> plus don't end up staying in a hotel room like this. our next guest will show us how to get the best deals and upgrades by asking the right questions. ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em, with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds, and stops new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control. is this where we're at now? we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters...
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3:45 am
>> quick headlines now. fannie mae getting another bailout courtesy of you the taxpayer. the white house wants to use leftover tarp funds. yeah. there is some to subsidize mortgage write downs for delinquent borrowers and there's no easter egg. it's a live grenade. yep, like the ones you see right
3:46 am
here found by a 3-year-old british boy doing an easter egg hunt. everyone was evacuated. officials think it's left over from world war ii. >> meanwhile, competition is fierce in the hotel business and just one bad review can kill a business. that's where anthony comes in and takes hotels from no stars to no vacancy. >> i have to fail the room. >> fail? >> don't get a second chance to make a first impression. from a marketing standpoint, we have an identity crisis. >> all the resources are done. this is it. >> you're in the business to make money! i gave him what he wanted. he's going to come here. if he doesn't come here, he'll make the money to get a business. >> this is more than saving your business. this is saving a family. >> she looks stunned. joining me now, joining all of us is the guest of "hotel impossible" on the travel
3:47 am
channel, anthony mocuri, it sounds like you're scaring people straight to a certain extent. i'm trying not to scare anyone. i'm telling something they have to be told. you saw a clip with three little girls, they're triplets. their family is about to lose that hotel. they need to hear the truth, the family or the girls are going to lose. they're living in a hotel because they lost their house. if they lose that hotel, they may live in a shelter so i take that really seriously and i only have a few days so i say what has to be said. never with disrespect. just saying what needs to be said because no one else has told him that. i have an insight of 20 years in the business that i can share with them. >> you were running a hotel at 29 years old, right? >> i was running a hotel on the upper side of manhattan. it was a great experience. they gave me a shot when i was very young and i helped them and -- >> and in the show, we saw a little bit of the tension right there. there's naturally tension between the people who own the hotel and the people who run the
3:48 am
hotel. >> what i find is any hotel i walk into for the show, the owner always blaming either south beach disease, everybody -- nobody wants to work or they're blaming the housekeepers and not cleaning up. i came from a hotel that i can't talk about yet, they're asking the housekeeper to clean 27 rooms. if you -- >> in a day? >> in a day. >> or a month? >> if you clean one room, you'll never, ever want to clean another room. it's the hardest job in the business so i have an appreciation for the housekeepers. i really have an appreciation for the service. and when you're trying to have somebody clean 27 rooms, i look them in the eye and say not only are you not going to do that, you'll never do it again. >> some of the tips you have for people going to hotels. book in advance for special discount, nonrefundable rates and when checking in, ask for a discounted rate. when you check in, you should say can i get an upgrade? >> there's two buttons behind the front desk. upgrade and downgrade. if you pack your smile and tell
3:49 am
people they have a nice tie and nice lobby, they'll probably upgrade you. they may upsell you if they're doing their job, but if you're smiling, they'll maybe discount that upsell. >> use that line, hey, honey, nice lobby. >> what if we say we know the host of "hotel impossible" will they let us in? >> as long as they don't think i'm in your luggage, you'll be all right. >> check out the new show, it airs tonight at 10:00 eastern on the travel channel. >> thanks for having me here. >> he can't brag about the economy on the campaign trail so the president is trying to find another new niche. he keeps scrapping the campaign slogan. we want to let you know what you think the campaign slogan should be. e-mails and tweets coming up next. >> forget the tough guy. have you seen this new show? >> what time are you coming home? text me or call me! >> wait by the phone. >> i got my mother to take care of me. why am i going to get married? >> why more american men find they're better off being mama's boys for good.
3:50 am
>> oh, boy! brad stine on that.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> where's my gel? ma? >> where's her ma? auto what time are you coming home? text me or call me. >> wait by the phone. >> i got my mother to take care of me. why am i going to get married? >> good point. that was from tlc owes mama's boys of the bronx." great american men still living at home and depending on their mothers to do everything for them. so whatever happened to the tough guy? joining us right now is tough
3:54 am
guy comedian brad stine. good morning to you. >> good morning. you know, it's funny that we're having this segment. i was talking to my wife and saying if there's one thing missing in our life, it's another reality show. you know, i spent like all this money on acting lessons in beverly hills so i could get on tv. all i had to do was bring a camera into my house and if i look on a dysfunctional idiot on purpose, someone will pay me. i didn't realize it was that easy. >> if you wanted to be on a reality show, all you'd have to do, you're 30 something, 40 something and all you'd have to do is live with your mother. here's what these guys are doing until they meet the right woman who can make the right marinara sauce like their mother. >> that's what's amazing to me. let's wussify men. and italian men at that. what happened to the good old days when if there was a tv show with italian men, one of two things were going to happen. one, they were going to eat linguini and one of them was going to get whacked. that was beautiful. only thing you had to worry
3:55 am
about was there going to be a gun or tire arm? it was suspenseful. now they're turning it into a wussified group of guys. italian guys shouldn't be that. godfather, it wasn't godmother. godmother where the families get together and work it out. all right, you can have the racket s if i get prostitution. it didn't work like that. these were men and notice, they're mama's boys and not papa's boys. the dads are nowhere to be found. >> that's a good point. now, you know, i can completely understand where some kids after high school, after college, they got to move in with their parents for a little while until they find a job because of the tough economy. but these guys are in their 30's pushing 40 still living at home. asking mom if she'll press their shirts or what not. >> what it used to be is the guy worked hard and the only dilemma was mom is going to move in with you? remember that? it's like oops, we got to build a shed. mom is coming back. this is what's happened to us.
3:56 am
we've lost that ability to understand that god made men to be leaders, to get out and to rule. it started back a long time ago in the 1970's when they started feminizing guy. remember when they said that, find your feminine side. are you serious? you remember them telling women find your masculine side? by the way, if you ever find a woman that found her masculine side, oooh, you know what? i really don't want that. i got a great tip for these guys. i found my feminine side. you know what i did? i married her. i'm good! i've got a feminine side 24 hours a day much that's how it's supposed to be and as i'm telling guys, you should know better than that. >> ok. brad stine who will not be watching "mama's boys in the bronx" on tlc, thank you, brad for joining us today from nashville. >> i want my mommy! >> you've got me, sorry. all right, brad. see you next monday. one guy passed the florida bar with flying colors but he's in the country illegally. should he be allowed to practice
3:57 am
law? that's the debate we have coming up. member of congress calls the president stupid. makings of a schoolyard fight. you have to hear details. we have them straight ahead on "fox & friends." if you are one of the millions of men
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>> good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great monday. check out these flames spreading fast along the east coast. brushfires threatening homes now and the weather, it's so windy here, it could make things a lot worst. >> it sounds like a schoolyard fight playing out on the white house twitter page. a member of congress called the president stupid. wait until you hear how the president's side responds. >> hope and change didn't work. so the president is now looking for a new slogan four years later. we reached out to you to give him some help and we have some good ones for you. "fox & friends" hour two for this easter monday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic easter or passover, whatever you were celebrating this past weekend. now it's off to the work week again. >> our guest list heads off in 28 minutes, when you're hearing from donald trump. find out how he feels about maybe newt gingrich throwing in the towel and making it all but official. and governor romney's chances. he's been behind romney for 2 1/2 months. what will his role be in the campaign? >> dana perino is going to be joining us, i just saw on her twitter feed. she'll be starting out talking about the legendary life and career of mike wallace. >> also the former united states united nations ambassador, john bolton will be here talking about the president's foreign policy and whether or not he should use that. >> and we talk about an easter egg roll and being successful, two great people to talk to are olympic gold medalists dominique dawes and michelle kwan, they'll be here live from the white house. talking about how kids should
4:02 am
stay fit and kourtney kardashian, for my money, my favorite kardashian. if i was forced to make a cho e choice. >> you think she's listening in the green room? >> khloe and kim are on the phone. >> she's my favorite. >> we'll start with the fox news alert right now. >> we do. there's a major brushfire sweeping through new jersey. right now, you're looking at new video from the town of tabernacle and started around 4:00 a.m. it continues to spread. flames covering 500 acres and there are a lot of homes nearby. air support has been called in and we'll continue to keep an eye on this growing fire and bring you any details as necessary. in other news, the u.s. navy says it's deployed a second aircraft carrier to the persian gulf amid rising tensions to iran over its nuclear program. it marks the fourth time in the past decade that the navy has had two carriers operating at the same time in the region. they will support american military operations in
4:03 am
afghanistan and anti-piracy efforts off the sew mall -- somalia coast. they will patrol oil routes that iran has threatened to shut down. fight for the g.o.p. presidential isn't over but some changes may be on the way. candidate newt gingrich seems to be coming to terms with the likelihood that mitt romney will actually gain the nomination saying this during an interview. >> i think you have to be realistic. given the size of his organization and the number of primaries he's won, he's far and away the most likely republican nominee. and if he does get -- >> meantime, candidate rick santorum not giving up. he'll return to the campaign trail later this week after taking a break over easter to spend time with his daughter bela who was in the hospital again. take a look at this. it's mitt romney like you've never seen him before. he's relaxing short style. with his son at his beach house in california. not exactly happy days for
4:04 am
president obama's re-election campaign. we've learned barbra streisand will not sing at a fundraiser for the president next month in california. she performed at a 2008 fundraiser for him and she's performed at fundraisers for other democrats going all wait back to the 1960's. president obama has seen a drastic decline in money from hollywood this time around. he took in $2.8 million in 2008 but it plummeted last year to $1 1/2 million. those are your headlines and i believe that would not include the super pac money. >> right. >> ♪ people who need super pac money ♪ >> i thought she retired. when you retire, you can't sing. >> she's not going to be singing for him. >> let's talk about the economy a little bit because should the president continue to campaign on the economy? should that be the central focus when unemployment now is still at 8.2%. many people still out of work obviously. and gas prices so high. well, maybe that's why the focus has turned more to what's been deemed this war on women by the republican party. and it appears that in some
4:05 am
respects, it has worked for president obama because in the last month, the polls have swung back in his favor with women at least in the swing states. a lot of swinging going on here. >> no kidding. in the swing state of missouri, you've got a congressman on the democrat side by the name of emanuel cleaver. he was in the debate yesterday with ralph reed and war on women came up and that man right there, the congressman from missouri said it's a bad idea. let's see if any democrats are listening to emanuel cleaver. >> yes. that is wrong. and i've never said it, not one time, and -- >> but perhaps -- >> what we need is -- what we need is for you and me and i'm willing to do it. and i don't think you would but when that happens, do what i do. i condemn it. if it's a democrat, if it's my cousin, it's wrong and i think we need to stop that. it is damaging the body politic and further separating the people in this country. >> and he said listen, there is
4:06 am
no real war on women. it's all fictitious and all made up and he went on to say he doesn't believe that democrats or the president is waging a war on religion. there's no war on women, war on religion. can we get down to a real argument? >> is there a war with a supreme court? some people would argue maybe the president would want his comments back that he said earlier last week. as you recall the events last week made it not such a great week with the president with regard to calling the court activists and threatening them about any kind of decision they would come up with. now it's turned into a twitter fight. welcome to 2012. now we have politicians all atwitter. >> and on saturday, chuck grassley, the guy from iowa, senator. >> from iowa. >> that guy, he took to his iphone and he tweeted this. "constituents asked why i am not you outraged at preso attack on
4:07 am
supreme court. people aren't as stupid of the ex-professor of con, constitutional law. there are a number of typos in there and mr. grassley blames them on his iphone. >> and a lot of shorthand some of which makes sense and some of which doesn't. >> hats off for senator grassley whatever age he is knowing those abbreviations but he's getting heat for saying stupid. that's what the whole story is about so david axelrod, one of the top campaign advisors for the president, he says this back. heads up, senator grassley. i think a 6-year-old hijacked your account and sending out foolish tweets to embarrass you. >> it's amazing how quick they respond to stuff like this. i don't think he should be calling the president stupid. he's got to walk that back. but david axelrod, i mean, what kind of quick hit team do they have? they're responding to tweets from iowa senators within miliseconds? >> sure. something else they're focusing on is national security. keep in mind when the president, then senator of the great state
4:08 am
of illinois was running for president, you know, people said look, he's got no foreign policy experience. we've got to pick somebody for his cabinet. ok, joe biden. he has a lot of experience. let's have him be the vice president of the united states. fast forward four years, the president is going to start dispatching surrogates to hit the campaign trail including and we've got a graphic and madeleine albright and retired general wesley clark so that any time mitt romney talks about foreign policy, at least those two will get on television or the twitter universe or wherever to say that mitt romney has no idea when he's talking about. >> not only doing that, they're going to be booking themselves on the talk show to talk about he's killed bin laden, kill al-awlaki and during his reign, qaddafi. i will do better and i can do better. i've talked to robert kagan, a personal supporter of his, foreign policy expert saying he's very impressed with mitt romney. up to mitt romney to say look
4:09 am
what's happened in israel, where would you rate those relations? our approval rating over there is in single digits. what's happened with iraq? how we got out of there rapidly and left the door wide open for iran to walk in. guess what, they have in afghanistan, we seem to be on a rapid race out the door. >> and the point i was making last hour was that this would be a good thing on the surface for the president to use in his campaign because he can allude to those strikes and getting qaddafi and usama bin laden out. but you're right, brian, it does take the republicans to go up against the other foreign policy relations and whether or not those have been a strong point. so will americans dig deeper into the story of foreign policy? or this president has been very successful in other avenues, just talking on the surface of things, the populous message and he's done that very successfully when you think about millionaires and billionaires and other phrases about republican failed policies so will he also be successful in just staying on the surface of this point? >> the whole thing comes down
4:10 am
to this. the number one thing people are worried about -- the economy and jobs. so he's changing the subject. ok, let's not talk about the economy. that's not going so well. let's talk about foreign policy. that could be one of the reasons why this campaign is having trouble settling on a new campaign slogan. for a while, they rolled out winning the future but as it turns out, the initials for that are wtf and that became poked a lot by the late night comics and by sarah palin as well. they tried we can't wait and an economy built to last, fair shot, none of those have stuck so far. we asked you for some help for the president. >> all right. katherine in ohio says via e-mail, it's not as bad as it looks. that might not work. >> dave from ohio said obama 2012, it's bush's fault. >> it's been used. >> joe in colorado typed in this. thanks for the memories. >> that seems to be his hope. >> and ben in new york says excuses, why we can't.
4:11 am
>> keep this coming throughout the morning. a liberal hollywood appears -- it just changed. it would create jobs. liberal hollywood rallying under a new trend behind matt damon. there's a new point he's making against fracking. is it true? donald trump weighs in. >> the white house says this isn't obama's fault, president obama. it's president bush's fault. so is that true? the former boss of those employees under president bush joins us next. you're going to want to hear this. let's play indoors this weekend. all we need is a couple of gallons of our hardest-working paint... ...from the get-it-done place that gives us more top-rated brands than anywhere else... prices that won't shake up our budget. let's make a one-wall statement... ...or tackle a total room takeover
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at nissan, our ideal is innovation. 5 all-new models over the next 15 months, including a completely reimagined altima. welcome to our most innovative year ever. nissan. innovation for all. ♪
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4:15 am
taxpayer money being wasted and the white house knows who is to blame for that agency to use taxpayers to create music videos like this one. blame president bush. the white house says they inherited g.s.a.'s out of control spending but the g.s.a.'s convention budget did increase under president obama's watch. our next guest is the former g.s.a. chief under president bush. investigated by congress and attacked by the left for considering a friend's contract. she ended the conversation as soon as they learned it broke the rules and stepped down from her position in 2008. that's a mouthful. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> i'm doing just fine. you were in charge of the g.s.a. let's get this out of the way first. what did you do? what were the accusations against you? >> the accusations against me were quite a bit because blaming and attacking political appointees from george bush is one of the modus operandi of
4:16 am
congressman waxman. i was appointed by george bush to cut wasteful spending and eliminate programs and that's what i did. and because of that, it's very unpopular in congress with some members, it was unpopular with the bureaucracy and frankly it was a little bit unpopular at the white house but the fact is in 2008, g.s.a. cut nonperforming programs and returned millions of dollars to the treasury. the only federal agency to do that. i'm really proud of that. >> that was under your watch when you were in charge of it. >> that was under my watch. >> you were in charge of the general services administration. you ran a tight ship. >> cut back on bonuses. >> we know you did a tight ship. we fast forward to the waste that has been uncovered in the last week at least to the general american public. apparently, the administration, the obama administration knew about this 11 months ago, why do you believe nothing was done until recently? >> i think this is very typical of the obama administration. there's a lot of misdirection and cherry picking of information that they released to the public. i think you also see the obama administration circling their
4:17 am
wagons because they know this is very damaging. you simply cannot justify the kind of wasteful spending but and especially to have tsa and federal employees to talk about wasting the taxpayers' money but the more important issue here is the g.s.a. public voting service that was rewarding employees to talk about wasteful spending in a series of videos, they're the agency that manages the public buildings of the federal government and the stimulus and infrastructure projects for the president. and so you have to call into question, if this is how they're misusing taxpayer money, what else are they doing with the $787 billion of the stimulus? because we know that the stimulus did not achieve the desired results and we know that the shovel ready projects did not exist and this is the division within g.s.a. that handles that. >> by the president's own admission when he made a joke about the shovel ready project. i want you to take a look at the white house -- this is official statement now where they blame president bush.
4:18 am
here it is. at least we have taken bold, swift, forceful action to hold those responsible accountable. they did get rid of some people and put in place protections to make sure this never happened again. if the bush administration folks had acted under their watch, the 2010 debacle could have been avoided. i guess the accusation is that there was wasteful spending under president bush as well. is this the right tact to take? i mean, when i teach my kids to be responsible as they grow up, i usually try not to look into the past. i say you have to have personal accountability. should the same thing be going on here? >> well, blaming anyone else for their own errors is an obama administration's stock in trade. they love to blame george bush for all of their problems. the fact of the matter is there can be no comparison whatsoever. and when you look at it, it's one of those situations where there's simply no way that you can excuse the kinds of excesses that went on. but the obama administration is trying to do the best it can to divert attention.
4:19 am
the good thing for americans is that congressman darrell issa who will be looking into these matters, he is far more interested in good government and cutting wasteful spending. congressman waxman was never interested in that. he just wanted to bash bush. but if you look at what congressman darrell issa will be doing, i'm pretty sure that what he's going to be looking at is ways to get the agency back on track and to stop wasting the american taxpayer money and that's good for all americans. >> she is the former g.s.a. administrator. thanks so much for your thoughts this morning. have a great week. >> thank you, gretchen have. a great day. >> this guy passed the florida bar with flying colors but turns out he's in the country illegally? should he still be allowed to practice law? the inside story of one of the biggest scams in america. a woman who claimed to be a 9/11 survivor, hero and widow lying the whole time? how did she fool everyone? how did she keep her stories straight? that's coming up. ♪ [ upbeat ]
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> welcome back. this week, the florida state supreme court will decide if an illegal immigrant can be admitted to the florida state bar to be an attorney. jose sompero was brought to the united states illegally by his parents when he was 9 years old. after graduating top of his law school class and passing the bar, should he be allowed to practice law? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, attorney and former u.s. attorney for the southern district of florida kendall cofey and immigration attorney and former miami dade county court judge, ada posen.
4:24 am
let's start with you. you say even though this guy is technically in the country illegally, let him be a lawyer. >> well, i think what we have to point out here is what you said at the onset, this young man was brought here as a child. he was brought here as a 9 years old. he came on a tourist vista with his parents. his parents decided to overstay. this was want his decision. he exemplifies why we need the dream act so bad. the fact that's designed -- we've been trying to pass it for years so people like him, trying to live the american dream, that have not committed the crimes and graduated from school and want to contribute towards society can do so legally. >> yeah. and kendall, she makes a good point. he's a smart guy. we'd be lucky to have him as an attorney but still, attorneys are in charge of, you know, looking into the rule of law and trying to make sure that the laws are dealt with appropriately.
4:25 am
if he didn't -- he's known for a while he wasn't in this country legally. he should have signed the guest book. get in line! he's a wonderful guy and seems like he makes a great case for the dream act. the question isn't should he stay in the country? should he become a lawyer in florida? and i think a lawyer's responsibilities as stated in the preamble are pretty clear, the lawyer's conduct should conform to the requirements of law including in his own personal affairs. i don't see how that's possible given his present position. the lawyer is supposed to be an officer of the legal system and in effect, maine maintaining public respect for the rule of law. i don't see how in his present position living outside the law he can do that. >> ok. >> the board of examiners has
4:26 am
no business acting like the department of ice because they've indicated they're not going to deport people like jose. your response? >> absolutely. we saw in june there was a memo that was passed by john morten that basically laid down to people that are here illegally and have committed crimes and it gave a list of specifications of people that should be allowed to remain here. be given a work permit, not loss of permit or residence status at this point but allowed to work here legally. and this young man fits exactly the criteria under the morten memo, the criteria that was put forth. so we should allow him to under that memo, under that policy to get a work permit, work legally in this country and contribute towards society rather than, you know, what lots of arguments are made. >> all right. >> about this young man and had he dropped out of high school, gotten married, worked menial jobs and not paid taxes, word
4:27 am
under the radar, he would be a citizen right now. he did everything correctly. >> i agree he's a wonderful guy. he's still a big deal to be a lawyer and not enough to embody the unfairness of law. you have to embody the rule of law and up until now, that's not something he's in a position to do. >> all right. we'd love to hear from the folks watching right now, who is right on this topic? kendall and ada, we thank you both for joining us today from south florida. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. it would create thousands of jobs, yet hollywood's liberals are against it. actors like matt damon speaking out against fracking. but are americans getting the real facts? donald trump will weigh in on this on the other side of a quick time-out. then it's a bust that will cure your hangover in less than an hour. the procedure that you can only get using an i.v. on the vegas strip. ♪
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4:31 am
ford's tire event is a good size? big big this is my grandson. and if it wasn't for a screening i got, i might have missed being here to meet him. the health care law lets those of us on medicare now get most preventive care for free like annual wellness visits, immunizations, and some cancer screenings. and that's when they caught something serious on mine. but we could treat it before it was too late. i'll be around to meet number two! get the screenings you need. learn more at you don't want to miss any of this! >> time for your shot of the morning. 7:30 a.m. eastern time. check this out. an easter morning to remember in whitefield, north carolina. residents there writing the entire new testament on the sidewalk in chalk? clearly, no easy task. it's 27 books, 260 chanters and almost 9,000 verses.
4:32 am
that breaks down to almost 140,000 words. about 30 churches took part in it. they washed it all away before people could walk over it. they must have used some of those 2012 things we were talking about, abbreviations like when you text. to get all those words in there? >> a lot of sidewalk and it's a lot of sun and no rain. >> no kidding. meanwhile, the white house gearing up for its annual easter egg roll today on easter monday. kelly wright is live on the south lawn of the white house with a preview of what happens when the kids start lopping those eggs across the lawn with the big spoons! >> yeah, the thing with this year, 134th annual anniversary, by the way, of the easter egg roll here at the white house. the theme is, let's go, let's play, let's move. alvin! alvin! alvin, alvin and the chipmunks right here and, of course, alvin is always misbehaving and very mischievious character. this is an egg-static event and
4:33 am
i have my eggs to prove it. here are the eggs. eggs, the eggs are here. they're with the virginia egg council and about 30,000 kids are coming on. how do you like your eggs? you like them over easy or fresh? ai've got a fresh egg here. >> i like them hard boiled. >> see how fresh she is? that's a fresh egg. and -- >> great egg, baby. >> grade a, exactly. this is a great event. 30,000 children will be here. i was watching them gather in a mass as they were going to come in and, of course, you got to be a big kid to come in here as well. i'm one of them so i couldn't have a better assignment for today. i'm going to get out and try to do my easter egg roll thing along with so many other people, the president of the united states, the first lady, the first family. and again, it's let's go, let's play, let's move and we'll move it back to you guys in new york. >> all right. cat in the hat is a camera hog behind you, kelly. cat in the hat! cat in the hat has been trying to get on camera this entire time you were talking. >> come on, cat in the hat.
4:34 am
>> look it? see. there he goes. >> are you trying to let's go, let's play, let's move? >> let's clap! >> see you guys. >> thanks so much. have fun. >> all right. meanwhile, the rest of your headlines on this monday morning. fox news alert. man hunt under way for a convicted killer who escaped from a prison labor camp in the state of alabama. cops are looking for this guy, timothy richards after he went missing from his assigned bunk. 42-year-old serving his 12th year of a life sentence. man hunt on now. >> police in oklahoma investigating the recent shootings of five black victims in tulsa as a possible hate crime. police say two white suspects have been arrested. 19-year-old jake england and 32-year-old elvin watts both scheduled to be arraigned in court today. they're accused of killing three people and critically injuring two others. authorities say it's too early to tell whether the attacks were racially motivated but they think revenge might have been a factor based on one of the
4:35 am
suspect's recent facebook postings. >> all right. not even summer yet but it's already been a record-breaking hot year. temperatures in march were reportedly more than 8 degrees above normal for the lower 48 states. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration say the first three months of the year were on average 6 degrees higher. while some people may be enjoying the mild weather, it has scientists concerned about global warming. were they concerned last year when it was unbelievably snowy and frigid? >> did you have a rough night out drinking? your hang over -- >> john said yes. john on our floor crew said yes. >> your hangover could be cured, john and others by a needle. top aboard the hangover heaven bus and you can get an i.v. treatment that administers amino acids into your body. it can make you feel better in just 45 minutes. seems like a long time for a needle. anesthesiologist who founded the cure said it's f.d.a. approved. procedures start at $90 and the
4:36 am
bus starts making rounds next week in vegas. what about not drinking the night before? you're willing to have needles stuck in your arms because you're that hung over? >> people do it! >> guy that doesn't drink, donald trump. donald trump, must be a monday. you're back, hope you had a great easter. sadly, we got some very sad news this weekend with the passing of mike wallace. >> well, that's true. he was a friend of mine and did a big piece on me on "60 minutes" a while back and it was such a fair piece. he was a tough guy. he was really a tough guy. but it was such a good piece and such a fair piece that i stayed in with him over the years. he was a friend. my only experience with him is he covered me so fairly. >> and was it -- was it a set-up interview or did he chase you down an alley with a camera? >> well, it was an interview that was set up. i was doing well and they did a piece on me. i figured knocked the hell out of me because it was "60 minutes" and because it was mike and it turned out to be one of the nicest pieces i ever had and sort of -- i always remember
4:37 am
mike for that. i never thought that was going to happen. i assumed the worst when i went in. and he gave me some softballs, frankly and i was a little bit surprised. he did the right thing and he was great. we remained friends over the years and he was a very, very tough guy but he was actually a good guy with a great heart. >> he's made a huge difference in the way in which journalism is practiced now so we will remember him today and, of course, his son chris wallace works with us here at fox. in the meantime, donald, i want to get your thoughts on this new anti-fracking film that's going to be coming out. of course, fracking is a way in which to get oil and natural gas from the shale well beneath the earth's surface here. matt damon, apparently, well known actor is behind this film. he'll act in it, direct it, write it. what do you make it was? >> i think it's time we have to start taking our energy from our own homeland, you know, if you look, it's right under our feet. look at what's happening to north dakota. it's boom town u.s.a. jobs and everything else.
4:38 am
it's amazing what's going on and, you know, this whole green energy movement is sort of like wimping along. you look at the windmills that are destroying. you go into palm springs, california, they've destroyed that community with windmills all over the place. everybody is a different look, different color, different size. you go in there and it looks like a bad version, a really bad version of fantasyland. >> why is it that so many of these big stars seem to be getting on this al gore like bandwagon that even al gore has disappeared from? >> because they just don't know. they have no clue, you know. movie stars. >> they have so much money? >> i really don't think they have any practical sense. they don't know. you look at some of these green initiatives, i love solar. i love the concept of solar. the problem is it's a 32-year payback so i'm going to do this job in solar panels and guys telling me, it's 32 years. what happens in 15 years when the panels are worn out? i have to get them again. they don't last 32 years. >> donald, the thing about fracking is a lot of the experts say it's safe but then that movie "gasland" came out where
4:39 am
the guy turns on the faucet and they're able to light -- where the water is supposed to come out, the water is on fire! but apparently, what a lot right there, but apparently what a lot of people don't realize is in that area, sinks did that before. >> that's right. >> they started fracking. >> that was exactly what happened. it was always that way, long before fracking and there was a phenomena to that area and yet, they showed it and it looks terrible. >> it does. >> it was always that way. >> that's exactly right. let's talk about your show "celebrity apprentice". it's my understanding, i can't stay up that late, donald, on a sunday night. >> that's terrible. >> it's my understanding that people got kicked off. did two people get kicked off last night? >> lou feregno got kicked out last night. he went down fighting. he's a good guy but boy, he really drove them crazy. and he went down fighting. but it was lou that got fired last night. >> let's hear a little of how "celebrity apprentice" sounded last night.
4:40 am
>> could have brought this up nicely and we could have discussed it. he had to wait and try to blindside me. it didn't work. it doesn't ruffle my feathers. i'll still tell the truth to the trumps because that's what they deserve, ok? you just did. >> i just told you honestly in a nice way. >> that was really nice. >> you're not a man. if you were a man, you'd go straight through that wall. >> wow! >> but in the end, donald, didn't it come down to loyalty and didn't your son remind you of that? >> it was loyalty. and lou made a couple of mistakes. lou will never become the lover of lisa lampinelli. they are not in love. they are not in love for lots of reasons, he won't. but they are not in love with each other. and they went at it last night. it was incredible. great television and it's doing, you know, the show is doing fantastic oochlt that would be the one time i thought you'd have to physically get between them -- if it was a guy, challenging him, i would think that donald trump himself would have to physically get in front of these -- >> to stop lisa lampinelli and lou? no way i would get involved. i'd be going in the other
4:41 am
direction. no. no. let them go at it. >> if you fire lou ferrigno, that would be the day you'd do it from another state and call you up. he's the one guy that could throw you out the window. >> he had some problems. he's a good guy and tried awfully hard and a little bit sad to be honest with you. >> all right. we'll continue to watch it and talk to you again next week. have a great week, donald. >> thank you very much. >> there's his twitter handle at real donald trump. apparently there are a bunch of fake donald trumps. real donald trump is a real donald trump. >> still ahead on our show, inside one of the biggest scams in america. woman who claimed to be a 9/11 survivor, hero and widow. she was making it up the whole time. how she almost got away with it. >> plus did the administration leak information to stop israel from attacking iran? our next guest says no question about it. they did. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network...
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and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person abouter care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. itedhealthcare. >> got your news by the numbers right now. first, $0.04. that's how much gas prices have soared in the last two weeks according to lundberg's survey. right now, nationwide average for a gallon of gas, regular $3.93. next, 1,000 feet. that's the height of this building a daredevil decided to climb in london. it is europe's tallest building and scheduled to be open next month. open on the outside for him. and finally, 33 1/2 million dollars. that's how much money "the hunger games" made at the box office. number one for the third straight week. it beat out "american reunion"
4:46 am
and "titanic 3d" which by the way does not end well. >> days before nuclear talks with iran, the white house is stepping up the pressure calling for iran to immediately close one of its nuclear facilities and halt the production of uranium fuel. president obama saying this is iran's last chance to calm nuclear tensions. in the midst of the campaign re-election, do these things really matter? does his words really matter? is it just political rhetoric? joining us is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, ambassador bolton. are you optimistic anything will happen in turkey with these latest talks with iran and the p 1 plus 1? >> i don't think anything of real substance. i think the issue is whether iran will do as it's so successfully in the past use diplomatic negotiations to buy time, to finish its quest for nuclear weapons. if iran came in and just said, basically, no, we're not going to agree to anything, i think the obama administration worries that that would be a signal to israel it was time to act. >> i read in the "new york times" over the weekend that
4:47 am
france and britain are both worried that president obama will try to keep talks going despite lack of progress because -- at least through the november election. >> well, i think that's an entirely legitimate fear on their part. i hate to say this. we now have britain and france potentially harder line on iran because they say how close iran is to actually achieving nuclear weapons. >> iran has gotten one major concession, gotten the west to allow them to get off the no enriching uranium push. we're going to allow them to do it, it's to what dto agree. >> they start with bad tactics. resolutions absolutely require them to stop enrichment. to say we can accept that over the long term shifts the discussion to the small part of iran's program and gives them a real opportunity to buy time. >> ambassador, last week, you made major news when you said it's believed that the u.s. leaked information to when they
4:48 am
were going to launch an attack off iran's border, how do you know this? >> well, there was an article in foreign policy magazine quoting four unnamed u.s. officials as saying that precisely that, that israel and azerbajan had an agreement. it's a logical thing for israel to do. look at the map, the closer they can get to iran the better. one thing you can say because of the leaks or story itself, it's unlikely that israel will be able to try that. that's a setback for israel and plus for iran. >> as soon as this week, there will be a missile launch out of north korea and there could be three. that will prove once and for all they will have ballistic missiles that can reach our shores. how significant is this? what can we do? >> if this missile is able to put a satellite into orbit, it will show how sophisticated north korea's ballistic missile capabilities become and increase the likelihood that they will be able to fit a nuclear warhead on top of such a missile. and i think this has a connection with iran as well
4:49 am
given the work that north korea and iran have done together for over 10 years on their missile program. >> so if you stop one, you stop both. if you stop none, if you only stop one, you haven't stopped either. >> for too long, the u.s. government has seen these as separate issues. i think they're much more closely connecteded. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, she fooled everyone claiming to be a high profile victim of the 9/11 attacks. but she was lying. was she a scam artist or just plain crazy? you'll hear her story. but first on this day in 1977 "dancing queen" by abba was the number one song. steve has a lot of explaining to do. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> there are so many horrible stories from that tragic day on 9/11. >> i saw so much suffering on that floor to the degree where it's just -- it's just something that i don't want to share with anyone. i just kind of have been keeping it to myself. it's a secret that you carry with you. and it becomes a burden because you can't really share it with people out there. >> so that is tonya head and to say she was carrying around a secret is an understatement. tonya became a well known figure after sharing her 9/11 survival story and even becoming the president of a survivors group. it turns out tonya's story was just that. a totally made up story. robin and anglo wrote the chilling story of tonya head's elaborate deception in the new book "the woman wasn't there" and anglo also created a documentary about her and they are my guests this morning. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> the immense pain that so many
4:54 am
people have felt since 9/11, even if you weren't a survivor. but to go on for years claiming to be one, what was up with tonya? why did she do that? >> she had a captive audience in these survivors, they were very vulnerable. they were looking for a leader and she filled that spot. >> and you knew her, anglo. you were a friend. >> oh, yeah. we were friends for years and not for a second while i was filming my documentary did i ever suspect her to not be anything but an authentic 9/11 survivor. that's how convincing she was. >> so robin, the way in which maybe she fooled people was that she would weave in truths with nontruths. >> that's true. she populated her story with all real people. they all died on 9/11. but -- and she inserted herself into the story. but everybody else was real. >> we just saw her hugging there. there she is with rudy giuliani
4:55 am
and former governor pataki as well. not only did i say she was president of the survivors group, she's hobnobbing with the top people she's sharing her story with. she also said she had a fiance who died in 9/11. correct? >> oh, yeah. yeah. she said that her husband dave who was an actual person who died in the towers that they had gotten married in hawaii and that they had this elaborate wedding and that he was the love of her life. >> let's listen again to tonya head. >> some of my co-workers have family, they have little kids and they didn't understand why, why am i special? why didn't they make it? why did i make it? was it because we were sheltered by the elevator? it makes you go crazy! you go crazy asking yourself why, why, why?
4:56 am
>> so she was eventually found out, what happened? >> she was found out and she still would never admit that she was lying. she contends she was the victim once again. she was found out. she ultimately disappeared. but she is still in new york. >> and you ran into her just after the 10th anniversary. >> just after the 10th anniversary, completely by chance, you know, in a city of eight million people. i was walking on first avenue and she passed me by with her mom. it was -- it was shocking to see her again. >> and it's an unbelievable story. it's all recounted in your book "the woman who wasn't there". what a shame that somebody would do this for all those other survivors. >> absolutely. >> robin and anglo, thanks so much for your time and good luck with the book. >> thanks so much. >> government workers caught on camera wasting your money but the white house says this isn't their fault. it's president bush's fault. is that true? dana perino is here to respond at the top of the hour. there she is. good morning.
4:57 am
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two of the most important are energy security aneconomic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project icanada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you had a great passover and easter weekend. today is monday, april 9. i'm gretchen carlson. flames spreading fast down the east coast. brush fires threatening homes, high winds to make all this a whole lot worse. we have all the details for you. >> steve: meanwhile, you can't run on the economy because it's not so hot. so president obama is revamping his reelection pitch. now it's all about national security. that going to work? dana perino, about ten feet from us right now, she'll join us. >> brian: tim tebow is used to play not guilty front of thousands of people, but how about praying and talking? >> whether you're the hero or the goat, you know that someone has a plan for your life and it's a special plan. >> brian: the pastors who joined tebow for his easter sermon
5:01 am
are -- or tebowed joined them and they join us. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: welcome to studio e. thank you for joining us this day after easter. i predict that more americans will have ham left overs forehead than any other day of the year. >> gretchen: send some my way 'cause i never got the easter dinner with a sick child at home, i didn't go to the bunch. send me your ham and shrimp cocktail. i'll take it, i love it. >> brian: you have made a major error because whoever is deliver your mail tomorrow is going to have to be wearing gloves and protective gear. you'll get old ham in the mail. >> steve: old ham? >> gretchen: we'll see if that happens. let's start with your headlines. fox news alert. major brush fire sweeping threw
5:02 am
the town in southern new jersey. it started at 4 a.m. and spread to 1,000-acres. so far no injuries or evacuation, which is good news. but we'll continue to keep an eye on this story for you. in one hour, 19-year-old jake england and 32-year-old el sin watts havity to be arraigned, accused of going on a shooting spree on friday in at all is a. it's on a early to tell whether the attacks are racially motivated, but they think revenge might have been a factor based on one of the suspect's recent facebook posts. the navy announcing plans to compensate the victims of friday's military jet crash in virginia beach. it crashed into an apartment complex, leaving many families homeless for the easter weekend. payments will start at $2,300 for each person who lost a home. they could go up for larger families. investigators believe a mechanical problem caused that crash. we're hearing more from the
5:03 am
off-duty coast guardman who jumped into action, helping to pull one of the pilots from the wreck. >> i grabbed him and said, hey, lieutenant, hey, lieutenant. that's when he kind of opened his eyes and the whole shock of hey, what's going on? like he really came to. you could tell he was in shock. >> gretchen: so he says he acted on instinct and he was just trying to help. amazingly, no one died in that crash. that is a miracle. search lasted 12 days and now a dog who escaped from an animal hospital is back home with his family in colorado. we told you about jack last friday. he broke free from the vet while there was to get neutered. his owners put up flyers everywhere and it worked. two different people called easter morning saying that they had seen the dog and now jack is back home. i know ryan, you want to know about he's still gog get futured. >> steve: i would imagine yes. >> gretchen: i think it's fantastic 'cause usually when you lose a dog, you don't always
5:04 am
find him. >> steve: dana perino will get a new puppy. >> yes, i'm not getting neutered we will get a new puppy first week of june. >> steve: let's talk about a big headline yesterday morning, mike wallace, father of chris wallace , passed at 93 years. he really defined investigative journalism. >> he shaped it completely. i thought about an interesting story, kind of funny, a little embarrassing. my first job on capitol hill, you got those pink message slips. there was a message that said, mike wallace of 60 minutes called and i said, oh, my gosh that, must mean we're in a lot of trouble. so i did something i had never done before, i didn't call him back. he called again. i went to the chief of staff and i explained that mike wallace called and awful her alarm bells went off. it's just my friends playing a
5:05 am
joke. that's how powerful mike wallace phone call was. he was such a giant of a professional and a really great father and grandfather. >> brian: really close to the reagans, right? >> and knew a lot -- one of the great things about veteran journalists like mike wallace and others is that institutional knowledge across administrations, they provide a lot of gratitas when they do an interview. i had a friend that worked for him and he provided an idea, paul gallagher, he said initially, mike wallace turned you were his nose at the idea. but really what it was is he wanted paul, the producer, to make his case better. so i think that as a journalist, if you were work under him, you had to work very hard to get approval from him. they ended up doing that story and the kip school took off. >> gretchen: i had an opportunity to interview him
5:06 am
when i worked in cleveland. he spent so many hours with me and he didn't have to. i had the utmost respect for him. let's go to politics now. it's been a tough week for the gsa when we were talking about the taxpayer waste and then we saw some of the videos that some of the employees had made, kind of mocking the amount of money this they were wasting on our dime. where do you think we come out on this because the white house now blaming president bush for all this. >> steve: how dare you? >> i know. this is the thing, if they wanted to say that -- i guess had is true -- that the budget for the gsa increased during the bush administration, fine, leave it at that. but nobody in the bush administration approved this meeting, thought it was a good idea to have mind readers and clowns and nobody, career official or political appointee, raised their hand and said r we being a little extravagant here? that happened wholly on the obama administration's watch and i think that the white house would have been better served if they didn't trust their
5:07 am
instincts and instead did something out of character, which was be to say, this happened on our watch, we'll try to prevent this from happening and if it does happen, we'll stop it and take action like we did here. those people are no longer working for the governor. but then to blame the bush administration seems silly and petty. >> brian: what really bothers me is they knew 11 months before it got out. they could have done something 11 months ago. i think that would have been a lot more laudable. >> the strategies they employ continues to baffle. >> steve: we're is what they're going to do now because they can't talk how they're talking about how they're keeping gas prices down, the economy, obamacare. now it sounds like they're going to emphasize his national security policy and they're going to dispatch madeline all
5:08 am
bright so that any time mitt romney mentions foreign affairs, those two will say, now, mitt romney doesn't know what he's talking about. >> i think what they're doing is looking at the calendar between now and november and too long some building blocks. they'll spend a week talk being women's issues and then a week about energy. now this week it will be national security so they build all these blocks and have a foundation to point back to. i don't think he necessarily wins on national security issues, but i don't think he could lose on them. he basically adopted all of the bush administration policies, for which charlie savage of the "new york times" won pulitzer prizes fort kind of things obama is doing that the bush administration started. he barely -- you barely hear about it any more in any of the papers. >> steve: one thing you hardly hear about is the fact that the muslim brotherhood was invited into the white house. aren't they completely behind
5:09 am
sharia law? and you talk about a war on women, isn't that the ultimate? >> yeah. there is a lot of hypocrisy and confusion. they might have found a couple of people within the muslim brotherhood that they thought they could work with, but i don't see how an obama and a romney, if that's the nominee, how they would be different on national security. >> gretchen: my guess this morning is that it seems that this administration has been very successful in giving out the populous message that kind of stays on the surface, those buzz words like millionaires and billionaires and failed policies of the bush administration. is this the same thing where they'll be able to say, we took out osama bin laden, we took out general gadhafi and the american people, most, who are not watching the news 24/7, will not dig deep beneath the surface to see what's going on in iran or israel or the rest of the world? >> or in mexico where more people die from murders and
5:10 am
violence than in baghdad in an entire quarter. there are foreign policy cases to be made either way. but interestingly, meter george bush nor al gore was ever asked a question about al-qaeda. you don't know necessarily what your foreign policy -- you know what some of your foreign policy challenges are going to be, but something can change immediately. but right thousand i think that they'll have a week talk being national security. i'm sure romney will do so as well. i don't see a lot of contrast and in many ways, i think that's good for americans. buff the number one issue on everybody's mind is the economy and employment. they're not going to be able to escape that. >> brian: let's talk about president bush will be in new york city tomorrow and among the people he'll be talking with is governor christie? >> this is neat. through smu, which you know very well, one of the pillars is economic growth. led by chairman jim glassman, he's putting forward an idea
5:11 am
about how do we sustain an america, 4% annual growth? tomorrow there is this conference and they're going to roll some of this out, president bush is san francisco he canning, is so -- so is governor kristy and paul ryan. "wall street journal" reporter and now with the institute has put this conference together and i think it will get some coverage. but also be watching for a book coming out in a couple of months when they're going to put a lot of different essays together with economists who have ideas on how we can get to the 4% growth, which would be quite significant and a good sustainable way to keep our country going. >> brian: that's going to be open to the public? >> that, i don't know. do you want to go? >> brian: yeah. can you get me tickets? >> i'll see. >> steve: she knows people. i do know a lot about smu because i dropped my daughter off at la guardia this morning. she's going to make a 10:00 o'clock class this morning. >> you're a good dad. >> steve: she's a good kid. >> that's right. she got up early, too. >> gretchen: we'll see outfight.
5:12 am
>> steve: that's their job to police businesses. should the epa be allowed to create countless regulations with no accountability? we're going to report and you're going to decide. >> brian: courtney kardashian, a business woman and mom who is expecting another kid, how does she juggle it all? she tells with us she sits down with us. she taped all her jugging. >> steve: she did. g to the sign, ford is having some sort of big tire event. i just want to confirm a few things with fiona. how would you describe the event? it's big. no,i mean in terms of savings how would you sum it up? big in your own words, with respect to selection, what would you say? big okay, let's talk rebates mike, they're big they're big
5:13 am
get $100 rebate, plus the low price tire guarantee during the big tire event. so, in other words, we can agree that ford's tire event is a good size? big big
5:14 am
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5:15 am
one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do >> steve: wait until you hear this, the epa making unprecedented power grabs by bypassing the courts. can they do that? can they get away with that? >> gretchen: one of the lawyers
5:16 am
trying to stop them now joins us now. shannon is chief legal counsel for southeastern legal foundation which represents 12 members of congress and 14 companies challenging the epa climate change regulations. good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me on. >> gretchen: so you have a big job in front of you, representing a lot of different factions here. what are you trying to do? >> well, we're trying to hold the obama administration and its federal agencies, specifically the epa, accountable for a rewrite of the clean air act. we have seen in our case where as you said, we represent members of congress and businesses and business associations, our case was argued before the dc court of appeals and we heard unprecedented arguments by the obama administration lawyers to say that they're entitled to extreme deference, basically the judiciary is not a check on executive power to enforce and regulate. this is frankly unprecedented, the arguments being made by
5:17 am
these lawyers. >> steve: it's quite a power grab. because the administration may not be able to get through congress change the law, what they're doing, the people of these various agency likes the f.d.a. and the epa, is they don't have a different law, so what they're doing is looking at the old law and they're interpreting it in such a fashion that they can get away with whatever they want. >> that's exactly right. basically the obama administration has reloosed the regulatory dogs on us and all of american businesses and reinterpreting laws that have been on the books for 80 years and every administration before hand and congress never intended nor interpreted the laws in the way the obama administration has. >> gretchen: shannon, what do they want to do? why are you representing these businesses and members of congress? what does the epa want to do to them? >> oh, my goodness, they want to regulate -- basically they want to regulate us into submission. they want to regulate utilizing the clean air act in a way that it was never intended and it is because the obama administration
5:18 am
was unsuccessful with this cap and trade. because they can not seek their political goals and they can not persuade congress to pass it, they go ahead and do it through a regulatory mechanism, which is -- that's the whole point of the checks. our last resort is the judiciary, but really is that supposed to be what we're supposed to have to do as american citizens say our executive branch is overreaching and power grabbing? we're not supposed to do that. but i will say this, credit to the judiciary, they're standing strong and ruling against the obama administration and when they are overreaching, to the chagrin of this administration, as we know, president obama commented about the supreme court and obamacare corrected his comment. >> gretchen: i was going to say it sounds similar to what we saw happening last week. it's very interesting and we appreciate you coming on and explaining complicated topic here. chief legal counsel, thanks for your time.
5:19 am
>> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, there is a new report linking obesity and autism. the warning that all pregnant moms need to hear straight ahead. >> gretchen: god's court of acts, taking to the pulpit. we're going inside tim tebow's easter sunday sermon of sorts with the pastors who helped him out with it. that's coming up next. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
5:20 am
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they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
5:22 am
>> steve: got quick headlines. a new study finds pregnant women with diabetes or hypertension are more likely it have children
5:23 am
with autism. researchers say this shows a link between obesity and autism, but does not prove one contributes to the other. representative duncan hunter says the government should change the way it measures unemployment. he wants it to include the number of people who have given up looking for work, so that would really show how many people are unemployed in the u.s. gretch, brian? >> gretchen: tim tebow spending his easter delivering a sermon of sorts to a crowd of 15 to 20,000 people in a georgetown, texas church. >> i really don't think i was the first athlete to get on his knee and pray and it's funny because i have had the same routine the last seven years and just this year they started calling it tebowing, which i have no idea why. but i do think it's pretty cool because at least prayer is being talked about. >> brian: joining us now, the pastors of celebration church, joe and lory champion.
5:24 am
welcome. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> brian: so tell me what, did you think it was going to be like and how was it actually to be on stage and to be in the audience or watching tim tebow and you have this discussion? >> i think it's exactly what we wanted to have happen. we had people coming from all over the region, even out of state. one lady drove from indianapolis 17 hours with her two daughters. tim did an outstanding job of sharing easter and the life of christ in his personal testimony and so we were just thrilled with everything of yesterday. >> gretchen: how did it come back, lory? because it's my understanding that he called you about a month ago and said he wanted to come it your church? why your church? >> we're not really sure why our church. we kind of asked him that before he went on the stage and he said, i don't know. i guess it was a god thing. but it was actually his people that called us and said he's
5:25 am
doing a limited number of speaking engagements at churches and they heard about our church and wanted to make that available to us. i said, how about east. >> rick: and sure enough, it worked out. >> brian: let's listen to a little bit of the 15 minutes he spent with you guys. here is tim tebow talking about hope. >> whether you're the hero or the goat, whether you like it or not, you know someone has a plan for your life and it is a special plan and you can trust that and you have hope. then you have peace in all decision in everything you do and it brings a lot of joy to your life. without that, you will wonder why? is it going to be better off? >> gretchen: what did you get out of it, lory and joe f spending that time with tim? >> well, we have three boys and so they've all read the tebow books, we got them for christmas. so what spoke to me as a mom is how what are really and genuine
5:26 am
and authentic testimony of jesus christ he is. so it's wonderful to have someone who is emulating that to our kids and what a great leader he is. he really was that on and off the stage. it was really wonderful. >> brian: joe -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, from the beginning, tim said this is not about me. i don't want anything to draw attention away from the easter message, away from the true message of christ. he couldn't have been any more wonderful to work with. >> brian: i love what he said about athletes and role models. it's not your choice, you are a role model. you might be a bad role model, but you're role model. you can't help it. that's the thing you chose to do. >> gretchen: before you go, i want to say i know your dad used to coach the new york jets. >> yes. >> gretchen: so i'm wondering if you have divine inspiration about how tim tebow is going to do since he's going to be with
5:27 am
the jets now. >> well, you know, my dad's situation with new york, we were there one year. avenues defensive line coach for lou holtz. we were there for one year. we would not be the ones to ask. >> brian: he ended with a fight song and lou we want back to college. i remember that. >> that was it. >> brian: well, great job. thanks so much for going over your special day yesterday. >> thank you for having us. >> brian: okay. coming up straight ahead, a law student passes the florida bar with flying colors, but he's here in the country illegally. should he be allowed to practice law? >> gretchen: reality star kourtney kardashian is used to juggling, a business woman and a mom, all with another child on the way. what is the one thing she never leaves the house without? she's here to spill her secret [ kyle ] my bad.
5:28 am
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>> steve: it's time for your shot of the morning. see the bunny holding a sign, have a safe hoppy holiday and buckle up? that's not an ordinary bunny. there is a police officer inside. happened in pest balm beach, florida. he was trying to enforce the state's click it or ticket campaign. the cop who came up with the idea called this one day operation, operation hippoty hop
5:32 am
and didn't think much about it until he got busted for not wearing his seatbelt. listen to the bunny! click it or ticket. >> gretchen: no, i'm not in favor of a cop hiding under a bunny suit. it's the wrong message on easter >> brian: remember serpico infiltrated. >> gretchen: who? >> the big time -- >> steve: al pacino movie. >> gretchen: i take the fifth because i have not seen that movie. >> brian: he goes undercover and impersonates a drug dealer. >> gretchen: do they need to go to a bunny suit on easter? >> brian: wouldn't you like them infiltrate the mob in a suit? >> steve: what about the guy in the bunny? >> gretchen: coming from brian, i'm sure it will be a hit. let's talk about this particular story right now.
5:33 am
we have an interesting debate early in our show about an illegal young man who is here who -- to be a lawyer in this country, so he's one of these children who was brought here illegally by his parents, but he's lived here pretty much his whole life. >> steve: there he is. >> gretchen: the debate is whether or not he should be allowed to practice law. >> steve: he graduated the top of his class of florida state. he passed the bar in florida on the first time out. then he was denied getting the actual license to practice law because he's in the country illegally. he's an officer of the court. so should he be a lawyer? got both sides. listen. >> this young man was brought here as a child. he was brought here when he was nine years old. he came on a tourist visa with his parents and his parents chose to overstay his visit. >> an officer is supposed to maintain public respect for the rule of law. i don't see how in his present position, living outside the
5:34 am
law, he can meet that part of the job description. >> brian: you saw that debate. now let's hear from his lawyer. here is the quote, he did not try to fake it. he admitted to the bar and law school that he was an undocumented immigrant. the board has no business acting like it's ice or the department of justice because the department of justice and ice have indicated they are not going to deport people like jose. what's your reaction? let's hear it. >> gretchen: mitch from florida said this, in an e-mail, illegal is illegal. there are only two choice when is it comes to enforcing the laws of the land. you enforce them or change them. selective enforcement is not allowed. >> steve: ed says have him joined the armed forces for a regular sign-up. they have a path to immigration. he could work for jag and both he and the united states would win. excellent points. >> gretchen: complicated topic. we began your headlines with a fox news alert. we've just learned two firefighters have died fighting that early morning fire at an abandoned factory in philadelphia. these are live pictures now
5:35 am
coming in -- wow. look at this fire, what appears to be out right now. but one of those killed, a lieutenant. two others were trapped and rescueed after burning embers fell from above. at one point it was so large, it engulfed two city blocks. winds spread embers from the fire. there is o word on any injuries with other people other than the firefighters. crews say part of the factory has collapsed. >> brian: another fox news alert, manhunt underway for a convicted killer who escaped from a prison in alabama. cops are looking for this man, timothy richards, after he went missing from his assigned bunk. the 42-year-old is serving his 12th year of a life sentence. >> gretchen: the fight for the gop presidential nomination is in dover. but some changes may be on the way. candidate newt gingrich seems to be coming to terms with the likelihood that mitt romney will gain the nomination. he said this during an interview. >> i think you have to be realistic. given the size of the organization, given the number
5:36 am
of primaries he's won, he's far and away the most likely republican nominee. >> gretchen: rick santorum not giving up. he's going to return to the campaign trail later this week after taking a break over easter to spend time with his daughter, bella, who is three years old and is in the hospital again. take a look at this, met mitt like you've never seen him. he's relaxing with his son at his beach house in california. >> brian: it appears the day that women setting their sights on marrying up are over. they're not only more like to get a hider education, but more like three marry down. brides born in 1958 had a 38% chance of marrying a richer guy, while brides born in 1970 saw that number drop to 32. the biggest increase, those who married within their own income bracket. >> gretchen: few other things have changed since the 50s, too. >> brian: not really. seems the same. satellite and television. >> gretchen: more women in the work force. let's go outside to steve who is doing the weather.
5:37 am
>> steve: we've got a beautiful day working now. did you hear that thing earlier where we were talk being how it's much warmer this spring so far, it's 8 degrees warmer. where are you from? >> albany? and? >> illinois. >> and virginia. >> and? >> washington, d.c. >> steve: does anybody think the warmer weather, global warming? just curious. you do, very good. you like it, don't you? of course you do. let's go ahead and take a look at the day ahead weather wise as we've got this big crowd here. folks, it doesn't look like it's going to rain here. nice day. the rain for the most part and the snow as well in portions of new england, also a little bit around the great lakes states. otherwise much of the country is nice and dry currently. let's move the maps and find out what the current temperature is. the bank says it's 53 degrees. although at the airport, it's 50. about the same for raleigh-durham and memphis. 60s across much of texas. next map will show you the
5:38 am
daytime highs for this monday. easter monday. it will be 63 in new york. 74 in raleigh. you can't complain about these temperatures. >> not at all. it's great. >> steve: very good. we're having a nice time on the street. gretchen and brian, what's coming up next. >> brian: we'll find out. today marks the 134th easter egg roll at the white house. >> gretchen: yeah. and with this year's scene encouraging young people to lead active and healthier lifestyles. >> brian: joining us is chair of the president's council on fitness, domimique dawes and michelle kwan. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> brian: how have you taken the easter egg roll, dominique, and made it into something that the kids should learn from? >> well, it's all about the first lady and her initiative called let's move.
5:39 am
today is all about getting kids to let's go, let's move. let's be active, let's play. it's so much fun to see the kids out being active and focusing on combating childhood obesity, getting them off the couch, moving and also teaching them about the importance of proper nutrition. >> gretchen: we know it's a big problem not only with adults in our society, fighting obesity, but now it's trickling down to the kids as well. so besides chasing after some egg, michelle, how else will you teach them to stay fit or get fit? >> we have activity zone. it will be so much fun because we have so many amazing athletes, from soccer players to globetrotters to olympians and we're here to show kids it can be fun and there is top chef a nutrition zone, so that eating well and exercising is a lot of fun. >> brian: the dedication that both of you have shown throughout your career to get what -- to get where you've gotten, can you please review for the best that you can remember, michelle, start with you, tell me what you were doing
5:40 am
at 11 years old, average day while going to school. >> before school, i would skate three sessions a day, that was 2 1/2 hours. then head straight to school from 8:00 o'clock to 3:00 o'clock. then afterwards, go straight to the rink. of course, have a bite to eat. it was pretty intense, but it was something i enjoyed. it was a hobby that both my sister and i skated. it was something before and after school activity. >> brian: it paid off. dominique, your dedication? >> i would wake up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. i was training 6 to 8:00 o'clock in the morning, then go to public school, 8:30 'til about 2:30. then back to the gymnastics gym 3 to 8:00 p.m. at night. i loved what i was doing. but when i speak to parents today, i don't think that schedule is for every young person. if and when i'm blessed to have children, i don't think that will be the schedule for them. i really think it's all about encouraging your children to find their passion, to be committed, learn about
5:41 am
discipline and more importantly have fun at what they're doing. you have to make sure your kids want to do it and never did my parents have to shake me up and get me out of bed in the morning. i wanted to do it. the drive came from within. >> gretchen: that's such an important message. and we have to go, but you guys are wonderful inspirations for little girls and little boys and they can certainly learn a lot from the both of you. thanks for your time. have fun today. >> thank you very much. >> brian: coming up, the white house insists there is no war on religion. but cardinal timothy dolan see it is different, calling out the president on national tv is next. >> steve: how does kourtney kardashian deal with the tabloids? we'll ask her when she joins us ♪
5:42 am
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5:45 am
verizon. >> brian: some quick headlines. fannie mae getting another bailout courtesy of you, the taxpayer. the white house wants to use leftover tarp funds o subsidize mortgage break downs for delinquent borrowers. the guy who won a race to the top of a building climbing 62 stories of stairs in seven minutes has been fired. why? because the video shows he actually took the elevator. i'm outraged. >> steve: you can't do that. you can't walk off camera. >> brian: won't happen again. >> steve: fine. changing topics. cardinal timothy dolan says the less war on religion isn't made up. it's very real. >> you've got a dramatic radical intrusion of a government bureaucracy into the internal life of the church. our problem is the government is intruding into the life of faith
5:46 am
and in the church that they shouldn't be doing. >> steve: and on this easter monday, fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us live. >> good morning. you know, cardinal dolan, i think, has pinpointed the hypocrisy of the president's alleged embrace of constitutional rights, although the president wants to create new rights for some groups and some folks and for some of his programs, not enumerated by the constitution, the first amendment is not respected. what cardinal dolan is saying, along with other leaders like rick warren and ann graham and many other people from many or sects across the country, that it's not about religion getting in the way of government. it's about government getting in the way of religion. it seems to be kind of a mantra of the obama administration constitutional rights go by the boards to favor political rights, to favor political
5:47 am
expediency in an election year. >> steve: it's funny because he talked a little bit yesterday on "face the nation" and has in the past as well where he said i'm not so comfortable having the parish priest say you got to vote for this guy because he feels that way. but he says he's very comfortable and religion has a place in politics and it sounds like it's game on regarding this contraceptive. >> he's saying religion has a place in politic, that people shouldn't be excluded from the public square mainly because they have robust religious views. but he's saying, listen, white house, government, respect religion, whether it's catholic, episcopal, any religion, muslim, judaism, don't intrude into it. cardinal dolan also made the point that religion and politics shouldn't come together in terms of choosing a presidential candidate. he made an important statement, i think, about mitt romney and
5:48 am
his mormonism. >> steve: let's listen. >> one of the ways we can cooperate is to see that religious prejudice, religious bigotry doesn't enter the campaign. there may be reasons not to vote for mitt romney as president of the united states, that he's a mormon cannot be one of them. >> steve: that's good point. >> that's a great point. i happen to be a catholic and a friend of cardinal dolan and i happen to have represented the church if constitutional matters and i want to make that clear because there is some anti-catholics that like to go on the blogs and write about me and damn any catholicism, but i'm proud to be one and also proud to be a constitutionalist. so when cardinal dolan speaks up, he's speaking for the constitution and that has to be protected more than any individual religion because when the constitution is protected, all our faiths are protected. >> steve: it's a war on religion and a war on the constitution. >> unfortunately, i think it's war on beth. >> steve: thank you very much. >> god bless you. >> steve: when we come back,
5:49 am
kourtney kardashian is here and she's got another baby on the way. she's walking down the hall for two. how does she do it? the one item she never leaves home without, she'll tell us shortly. first let's check in with bill hem who are never leaves home without what, bill? >> i think it's her handbag. >> steve: what's in the handbag? >> steve, good morning to you. hope you had a great easter weekend with your family. >> steve: i did, thank you. >> breaking news on what south korea claims about nuclear ambitions in the north. this is important stuff here. also, no budget deal. big problem for congress and stuart varney explains that. tim tebow saying some things you don't normally hear. we'll tell what you he talked about and how much money is the irs getting to enforce healthcare? why the tax man is healthier than ever. see you in ten minutes carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in,
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>> gretchen: welcome back. she's part of one of america's favorite reality tv families and she's growing her own family again. >> steve: kourtney kardashian joins us live today. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning. >> steve: you're curvier right now. you're seven months pregnant? >> yes. >> steve: have you figured out this is your second time around? is there something you're doing differently this time than the first time? >> the first time i was -- i feel like i had more time, like to nap and -- 'cause now i'm chasing after a toddler. >> steve: you're ambitious. >> this time it's stroller walk and music class and play dates and all that fun stuff, easter egg hunts. >> brian: youyouyou haved add attraction of cameras. so as they grow up and as your family interact, the cameras are there. >> yes. >> brian: how long has it begins
5:54 am
since you've had your own life? >> like a break. >> brian: yeah. >> in between seasons, we usually take a two months break where it's just like do nothing, kind of relax. >> brian: no cameras? >> i swear, during that time, i'm like, i don't want to see any of you. >> gretchen: it's not only the cameras, you don't want to see your family? >> yeah. but then i end up seeing them five nights a week for dinner 'cause that's just how we are. so it's always the same thing. >> steve: unless you had the camera on your new, cool phone you had a minute ago. >> yes, i know. i do. this is what i said what i mostly use my new phone for, i never leave home without my phone. i think that's like the one thing i don't walk out without. >> steve: what kind is it? >> it's the new windows phone that came out today. >> steve: allallall right. >> that's him on his phone. >> gretchen: he's already programmed? >> he's obsessed with glasses. so i love with this new phone, it takes the best pictures.
5:55 am
it just came out today. so i've been like -- i just got it. i've been playing with it. it's so easy. it has twitter and facebook in the phone. so it's so easy to 2008 pick and send picks. i always send pickeds to my family. >> gretchen: how much blowback did you get from stopping the naming with the letter k? all of you were k's, your mom kris. >> and then i just went with whatever -- i feel like all the k names are gone now after my family anyway. so i just went with what i loved >> brian: except for bruce jenner. >> yeah. >> brian: i know the rumors are part of what makes the show successful because everyone wants to see you in us magazine, people magazine. what about the other rumors? i saw on friday, i'm probably the last to know, kanye west and kim are dating. >> he has a k. >> brian: that's what i'm thinking! >> i think they're friends.
5:56 am
>> steve: is this just a publicity stunt? that's what some of the gossip pages are saying? >> they say it all. they're definitely friends and been friends -- >> steve: are they more than just friends? >> brian: because he wrote a song with her relationship in it. >> i haven't heard the song, but i read on-line. i saw -- sing it. i want to hear it. >> gretchen: maybe it's just for publicity maybe for his song? >> i don't know. oh, to have that in there? i don't think so. who knows. >> steve: so there they are last week. can you stick around? >> yeah. >> steve: we've got a little more show to go. if you got a question for her, e-mail us right now. we got a little more time to ask her some of your questions we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> gretchen: we said we had questions from our viewers. one says, will you ever marry scott? >> maybe some day. i think that right now everything is good and i've always been like, i don't want


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